Liveable Cities Videos

As a result of a 3-day Communication Symposium held in March 2017 in Lancaster, Liveable Cities has produced a series of researcher videos.

City Analysis Research Videos

Creating a virtual test bed for transformational engineering - Chris Bouch

Smart Cities - Marianna Cavada

Environmental impact of a meal - Valeria De Laurentiis

How Economic Theory Shapes Infrastructure Investment - Mike Goodfellow-Smith

The Value of Nature in Cities - Nick Grayson

Sustainable City Regions - Tony Hargreaves

Making Good Decisions - Joanne Leach

Nature, Nurture, Heaven and Home - Martin Locret-Collet

Urban Green Commons - Martin Locret-Collet

Future Cities as if citizens mattered! - Jonathan Ward


Wellbeing Research Videos

Wellbeing in the Cities - Christopher Boyko

Wellbeing and Energy - Milena Buchs

Sharing in the City - Claire Coulton

City Aspirations and Wellbeing - Helene Joffe

Cycling - Cosmin Popan

Aspiration for Social Connection in the City - Victoria Zeeb


Energy Research Videos

Leaky Houses - Luke Blunden

Electricity Monitoring Field Study for Carbon Savings - Leonidas Bourikas

Rezoning as a Tool for Achieving Liveable Cities - Leonidas Bourikas

Wellbeing and Energy - Milena Buchs

Finding Socially Acceptable Wind Turbine Sites - Michael Harper

Developing Methods of Charging for Heat in Council Housing - Sam Paine

Assessing the Impact of Multiple Developments on the Environment and Citizens - Tatiana Sanches

Overheating Risk - Jake Stephen

Regeneration of Secondary Retail - Philip Turner

Energy Saving Potential of Buildings in a City - Phil Wu


Policy, Governance & Economics Research Videos

More than a Glass of Water - Corina Kwami

Managing Urban Change - Paul Honeybone

Natural Capital Management & Finance - Raul Martinez


Future Visions Research Videos

Future City Visions - Adriana Ortegon

Principles into Practice - Adriana Ortegon

Visual Conversation on Urban Futures - Serena Pollastri