Birmingham Fellowships in Sustainability and Resilience of Future Cities

The University of Birmingham is recruiting for a research fellow in Sustainability and Resilience of Future Cities

Cities, ever dynamic and every one unique, are projected to undergo unprecedented change due to a combination of global and local challenges associated with population growth, demographic changes, increasing urbanisation, patterns of migration, differential resource scarcity, climate change, technology and so on. Moreover these foreseen challenges (never mind those that are uncertain and unforeseen) are both interdependent and highly complex, dealing as they do with both individual citizens and society as a collective, and their relationship with economies (at different scales) and the natural and built environments. Cities consequently provide a rich context for many academic disciplines. Within this context, the needs of cities and their citizens in the far future constitute the brief for today’s visionary engineering, while to deliver on this brief requires engineers to work seamlessly and effectively across multiple disciplines. This has been the primary achievement of an ambitious portfolio of multi-disciplinary, multi-university research led by the University of Birmingham addressing urban sustainability, resilience and liveability, both now and in the far future, and how engineers might respond to these challenges. These programmes address engineering challenges such as urban metabolism, infrastructure systems and their interdependencies, and use of underground space in cities, and yet they are necessarily married to citizen wellbeing, planetary wellbeing and ecosystem service provision.

We are looking for an exceptional, highly-motivated individual with a strong track record of high-calibre research and an evident ability to operate as an independent researcher. This will be someone who can complement the existing team, who is eager to help shape this visionary research portfolio for future cities and who is keen to forge new research agendas. Although based in the School of Civil Engineering, the core disciplinary base is less important than a demonstrable ability to work across disciplines and approach the ultimate goal of this type of research of transdisciplinary working.

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