Yanguo Cong

Dr Yanguo Cong

Visiting researcher
University of Birmingham
+44(0)782 396 1723


Dr Yanguo is an academic visitor from South China Agricultural University (SCAU), who joined in team of Liveable City in March 2015.Her major research fields are sustainable development and livable city. Yanguo has published fifteen papers in a variety of Journals including Human Geography  and City Planning.



1. PH.D of Human Geography, Degree Conferred 7/2010,

Center for Sustainable Development,Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province , China

DissertationResearch of Assessment and Polarization of Living Environment in City: A case study of Guangzhou

2. Master of Human Geography , Degree Conferred 7/2002,

School of Geography, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

DissertationAnalysis on the Urban Spatial Structure and Its Forming Mechanism: A Case Study of Jiangmen

3. Bachelor of Geography Education, Degree Conferred 6/1999

School of Geography, Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China

Graduation Paper: A Study on Integrated Geographical Regionalization in Hebei Province.

Fellow of Chinese Human Geography

Fellow of Sustainable Development Research Academy of Guangdong Province.



When Dr Yanguo worked in SCAU she applied for a project of National Natural Science Foundation of China about the gap between city supply and residents demand of livable city. She also did some government consulting projects such as “the research of requirement of industrial land in Zhongshan city” and “research of environment protection and sustainable development in Jiangmen city”.



Dr Yanguo Cong has some teaching responsibilities in SCAU about Geography Tourism and Ecology Tourism Planning.



Current research:

The Gap Between City Supply and Residents Demand of Livable city:A Case Study of Guangzhou.  National Natural Science Foundation of China. No.41101147.

Previous Research Program:

1.Research of Construction of Ecosystem and Sustainable Development in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province. Founded by the Government of Jiangmen City, 2009-2011

2.The Establishment of Standards of Social Economic and Administrative Data in Natural Reserves of Guangdong ProvinceFounded by the Forestry Bureau of Guangdong Province, 2007-2008

3.Approval Requirements of Industrial Land in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. Founded by the Government of Zhongshan City, 2005-2007



1.Cong Yan-guo, Xia Bin, Wei Li-hua. Research of Polarization of Community Living Environment Satisfaction in Guangzhou. Human Geography. Vol.28 No.4 Aug.2013 .

2.Cong Yan-guo, Xia Bin. A Study of Differences in Satisfaction Level on Living Environment by Different Social Stratums in Guangzhou. City Planning Review.Vol.37 No.1 Jan.2013.

3.Cong Yan-guo, Cai Xiu-juan. Influences of Collective Forest Tenure Reform on Community Participation of Ecotourism in Natural Reserves: A Case study of Guangdong Province. Journal of Beijing Forestry University (Social Sciences) .Vol.12 No.2 Jun.2013.

4.Cong Yan-guo, Liu Shao-Qun. Analysis of Agricultural Technique Extension Patterns and Regional Differences in Guangdong ProvinceAnhui Agricultural Sciences. Vol.40 No.12 Jan.2013.

5.Cong Yan-guo, Xia Bin, Zhang Jia-en. Associated Evaluation of Subjective and Objective of Human Settlements on a City Scale: A Case Study of Guangzhou City. Tropical Geography. Vol.30 No.2 Mar.2010.

6.Cong Yan-guo, Xia Bin, Zhang Jia-en. Assess of Livable City Under the Control of Government:A Case Study of Guangzhou City. Theory monthly. Jan .2010

7.Cong Yan-guo, Wei Li-hua. Rural Development in the Process of Rapid Urbanization from the View of Rural-Owned Land: A Case Study of Nanhai District of Foshan City. Tropical Geography. Vol.29 No.3 May.2009

8.Cong Yan-guo, Xu Zheng-chun. Different Teaching Modes of Tourism Management in Agricultural and Forestry Colleges. Forestry Education in China. Vol.27 No.5 Sep.2009

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11. Cong Yan-guo, Xu Zheng-chun. Importance and Feasibility to Build Natural Reserves in Rapid Urbanization Areas: A Case Study of Pearl River Delta. Forestry Economics. Vol.30 No.3 Aug.2007

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15. Cong Yan-guo ,  Wei Li-hua, Zhou Su-hong. A Mechanism Study on the Role of Country Parks in the Growth of Urban Space. Planners. Vol.21 No.9 Sep.2005