Some reports from the Future Visioning Workshops


Serena Pollastri

The Future Visioning Workshop series brings together leading experts from different sectors to explore visions of the future in cities. Through a combination of hands-on activities and open discussion, this 2-hour workshop enables deep, creating thinking in a short time.
The aim of these sector specific events is to establish visions of the city that will inform design and engineering recommendations.


While we are working on the visualisation of the outcomes, you can have a look at some of the reports that are now available for downloading:

- Retail sector

- Environment and Science

- Archaeologists, historians and heritage sector


Soon you will also find on our website the reports from:

- Transport sector

- Utilities Sector

- Young people (specific to Lancaster)

- Architects and Urbanists.




Publication Date
22nd of September 2014


Future Visioning workshop - report (science and environment)
Future Visioning workshop - report (retail)
Future Visioning workshop - report (Archaeology/history/heritage)