Policy Commission on Future Urban Living

The Future Urban Living Policy Commission took evidence from a wide range of leading thinkers on cities from the UK and elsewhere, drawing from it ideas that might inform the way that we live, work and play in the cities and towns of the future. It then tested these ideas with a similarly diverse set of leaders in the various fields of urban activities. This evidence is clustered in a sub-section of the report under headings that strongly reflect the future challenges and opportunities for the UK’s urban areas, as identified by witnesses and interpreted by the Commissioners. The major themes emerging from the evidence have been captured in a model that seeks to inform those governing, and hence developing policies for, the UK’s cities, so that they can help us move towards a more sustainable and resilient future. This evidence is presented as a stand-alone chapter, along with a commentary on the interdependence of these influences and how they can be aligned to produce positive outcomes for both cities and their citizens. The final chapter draws out the remarkable richness in the evidence and concludes with six recommendations for local and national policy-makers.


The report can be downloaded from the following website.