The Little Book of the Health of Cities


Franz W Gatzweiler, Jason Corburn, Esther Moran Flores, Felix Fuders, Philippa Howden-Chapman, Xinjue Ke, Celine Rozenblat, Lan Wang, Wenyao Sun, Yalan Zhang

Professor Rachel Cooper OBE. Distinguished Professor of Design Management and Policy at Lancaster University and Director of ImaginationLancaster, and Dr Claire Coulton, Impact and Cohort Development Lead of the PETRAS National Centre of Excellence, were delighted to have the opportunity to work with the International Science Council’s global science programme on Urban Health and Wellbeing (UHWB) to produce the Little Book of the Health of Cities: From the Pulse of the New Urban Agenda to the Heart of Sustainable Development.

The Little Book, written jointly by researchers from across the globe, draws on a systems approach to urban sustainability and explains urban health today, how cities function as complex living systems, how urban, human and planetary health are connected, and what cities around the world can learn from one another.


Gatzweiler, Franz et al. (2019). The Little Book of the Health of Cities. Edited by Rachel Cooper and Claire Coulton. Lancaster: ImaginationLancaster. ISBN: 978-1-86220-368-6
Publication Date
12th of August 2020


The Little Book of the Health of Cities