Expert Panellist Report on Wellbeing & Aspirations


Christopher Boyko, Nick Smith & Claire Coulton

This brief report summarises a series of discussions between RC2: Wellbeing researchers and Expert Panellists, held between March and April 2013. The discussions related to three themes:



  • Aspirations and cities
  • Aspirations and low-carbon
  • Measuring aspirations
  • Managing aspirations


Current and future issues facing cities

  • Infrastructure
  • Governance, policy and politics
  • Economic and social issues
  • Housing provision
  • Geographical issues



  • What is meant by wellbeing
  • Social contributions to wellbeing
  • The contribution of geography and layout to wellbeing
  • Low-carbon and wellbeing
  • Requirements for learning and research about low-carbon cities
  • Social change and low-carbon
  • Policy
  • Edginess and ambiguity
Publication Date
30th of May 2013


Expert Panellist Report on Wellbeing and Aspirations