The Liveable Cities Project

Liveable Cities is an ambitious, five-year programme of research to develop a method of designing and engineering UK cities that take cognisance of one planet living, one world resources and individual and societal wellbeing.

This will be achieved via the development of a unique City Analysis Methodology (CAM) that will measure how cities operate and perform in terms of their people, environment and governance, taking account of wellbeing and resource security.

The CAM will be used to establish future visions of low carbon, resource secure, liveable UK cities from which the team will backcast to determine what needs to be done now to achieve these visions.

Using the CAM, the Liveable Cities team will develop realistic and radical engineering solutions for achieving the UK’s ambitious carbon reduction targets and will test them in three UK cities: Birmingham, Lancaster and Southampton.

Liveable Cities is supported in its work by an extensive group of Expert Panelists. Drawn from professionals from across the private and public sector, the Panelists guide and inform our research, meeting twice a year at our bi-annual summits.  If you are interested in joining our Expert Panel please contact Joanne Leach on 0121 414 3544 or  The Panelists are listed on the 'People' page of this site.

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